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Customer Testimonials

So, here I am in Afghan and I find out that my FOB doesn't have any workout products, nothing at all. So, what do I do, I find some internet and go straight to BSN, I just found out they have military discounts too, if only I knew earlier. I've been using there products back home for years, and now I'll continue here. It's nice to know that with all the thing's we go through there's company's out there that support us, so thank you and I'll be sure to let everyone know about this.
Greg Rojas
March 05, 2014

Hello, I am writing to say thank you for the support and the awesome products. I ordered 5 lbs of Syntha 6 and the 30 servings of Amino X through your military program, and was surprised when my package arrived with a Hyper FX, and Syntha 6 samples. As if the program itself wasn't already awesome enough you gave me a little added bonus. As i was searching for a replacement for my current supplements i came across your products. I placed an order directly from you and was not disappointed! I spend hours on end telling anyone with ears in my unit about what BSN does for the troops, and if they are looking for something different to give you guys and gals a try. Once again i thank you and look forward to my next purchase.
T. Taylor
January 21, 2014

Thank you for your military appreciation discount. I used your products a lot while on a recent deployment. We would only get supplies to our FOB about once a month, and they were all flown in, usually in a tri-wall on an Osprey. Monthly, we would get our mail, some class A goodies, and our NCOIC's back on Leatherneck would send us some BSN pre workout and protein in that tri-wall. We all used NO Xplode when we went out on missions to amp up our alertness. Also, we used it to workout a lot at our sorry little outdoor dusty gym. The protein was also awsome because we had mostly MRE's where I was, and those things get real old. Thanks for your great products. Thanks for your discount. SPC Boulch
Bradley Boulch
December 12, 2013

I hated having to go to the local store once a month to get restocked on my supps. The price always made me cringe. My buddy told me about his use of Cellmass 2.0 and him loving it so i had to do my research. Not only did i find hundreds of great reviews but the price. HECK YA!!!! getting the same main active ingredients at HALF the price as other brands had me HOOKED. Now all i have to worrry about is not workingout hard enough!!! Thanks BSN. SGT Frederick.
Eric Frederick
November 24, 2014

I started using BSN while in Iraq in 2008-2009. I started with the Atrophex, which despite some side effects, it was quite effective. My friend then turned me onto NO Xplode and I swear by that for my pre-workout! I recently picked up Olymipic WL and I have been crossfitting for about 2 years, and I love my NO Xplode, and have just ordered the BSN Performance Stack! I look forward to taking my fitness to the next level with this stack!!
Tiffany Dydak
October 21, 2013

I have used your products on past deployments and have had amazing results! I only recently learned of your military website, and now you have a customer for life! Thanks so much!
Calvin Artis
October 15, 2013

First off thank you!! I have only tried a hand full of your products but that will now be changing. I have been weight lifting almost as long as I have been in the military, and it is very rare to see supplements offered at a discount let alone a supplement company offer their products at a discount! I am currently training for my first bodybuilding show for early next year and plan to start incorporating most of your supplements into my work out regiments.
Christopher Chamberlain
October 08, 2013

Hi! My name is CPT Scott Ross, and I am currently stationed in Germany, but deployed to Afghanistan. I have been working pretty hard at the gym, and BSN products have been my go-to. BSN4Military is a great way to order supplements, especially considering the discount and free shipping. I have already received my NoXplode 2.0, and I just ordered some CellMass and Hyper FX. I look forward to tracking my progress and simply crushing weight at the gym. Thank you for supporting the Troops.
Scott Ross
September 25, 2013

Hi, My name is SGT Schnautz, I am a solider stationed in Kenosha, WI. I just want to thank you for your continued support of our troops, and your military pricing. One of the things that make this country great is how companies support the troops, and BSN sets the standard. Thank you and please keep up with your amazing support. SGT Schnautz, Karl
Karl Schnautz
September 18, 2013

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